How the name “CatchingUp!” came to existence:

To keep things interesting around here we’ve decided to share the story on how we ended up with our boat name. We hope you enjoy it!

When it comes to naming a boat, you can take two avenues, something funny or clever like “Ship Happens” or “Unsinkable II” or you can take a more personal meaning like one of our Knsyna500 sister ships S/V Second Chance. We decided to go with the latter group.

The whole family sat down and decided what name would have a special meaning to us. We reviewed countless names to represent our African origins with a mix of the Australian side, but all that it resulted in was names which were too complex or too difficult to put on a boat. One must realise that you will be using this name on all entry documents, when dealing with authorities as well as having to spell it out phonetically. So, when it came to our decision to try and apply the name “Scatterlings” after the song “Scatterlings of Africa” by Juluka. We realised that it would take nearly an eternity to spell that name out phonetically especially when dealing with non-English speaking authorities. It was back to the drawing board to think of a name.

We decided to look back at our sailing experiences to see what inspiration we could draw from there. Having started sailing when we were young children, we would have several music CDs to bring with on each trip, we never changed those disks. One of them was Shania Twain’s 2002 hit album “UP!”. Little did we know that this album would aid us in the naming process.

Thinking back on these sailing holidays and family life we realised that there were too many times where the entire family couldn’t be together. Dad being away for work, Mum at work or one of us children being overseas for university, schooling or trips. Mum and Dad soon decided that come retirement, they would be playing catch up for all the missed weeks away from each other. We started toying with the idea that this boat would become the catalyst for catching up on time spent with family and friends around the world. From there on the ball started rolling and we ended up naming our vessel S/V Catching Up.

Boat Name Design

Here is a little comment from Mum as to what the name means to her:

I’ve been asked a few times how we found the name for our yacht. We thought of so many names, lots were already taken by other yachts and others we came up with were given the no-go from family and close friends!! We finally decided on the name “Catching Up” for our new yacht. We knew that we’d always be catching up with family and friends, catching up on places we’d always dreamt about seeing, catching up on our favourite pastime…fishing, catching up with our love of sailing and enjoying retirement together.

The name S/V Catching up on the surface looks like a typical boat name. It even has the typical “Cat” pun common with catamarans. However, below the surface the name includes the old days of listening to Shania Twain’s Up on repeat during long passages in the Seychelles. We are so happy to have chosen a name that has special meaning to us while also embracing the fun side of naming a boat. Our boat name is so vibrant and colourful which is exactly the way we want to spend our days on her!  We can’t wait to start sailing and catching up from November this year!


SV Catching Up

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